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If You Are Interested, Listen To The Brief
Audio Message From Mick Hart Here...

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expert Mick Hart explain what you are
about to discover on this web page...


( In The Last 4 Years Alone, Mick Hart Has Trained
Over 80 1st Place Contest Wins, 70 2nd's, And 20 3rd's 
...See Credentials And Bragging Rights Further Below)

Nobody Knows The No-Bull Truth About Safe And Effective
Steroid Use As Deeply As Mick Hart (BAWLA Olympic Grade A Certifed Instructor)... He Is About To Reveal To You, Only Here,
Why More Than 98 Out Of 100 Steroid Users Blow It...

And Learn The Insider Steroid Secrets Only the Pros And
Champions Know, That Allow You To Use Smaller, Safer Doses,
With Bigger, More Spetacular Results... As Fast As Possible.



-- By Mick Hart

Here's An Example Of What You Can Do
Safely... Realized
In 11 Short Months,
With No Health Risks At All - Remember,
No Bull Here
, Just The Honest Truth!

This is my son Chris, "before and after" I got to work on him. Impressive eh? He achieved exactly the "look" he wanted... in ONLY 11 months of hard work.

100% pure lean muscle gains...

No crazy cycles, no health risks, no acne, no water retention, no bitch tits, no fat, no abuse, no side effects... NONE! I would NEVER, and I mean, NEVER subject my son to unnecessary risks.

Just safe and intelligent use of steroids combined with correct training, rest, and nutrition.

Want to be treated like my son? I mean, I LOVE my children... more than anything in the world!

That's how I will treat you too. I want you to get the results you are after, without you risking your health.

Now this may not be what you are looking for, you may want more, or maybe less. You may already be a monster - I don't know. But that's not the point.

The point here is that Chris achieved exactly the look he wanted. And we did it without ever taking chances with his health.

By the way, I took Chris from zero to British championship qualifier in less than 12 months!

We simply applied the principles of smart anabolic steroid use which I reveal in fine detail in my best selling steroid books...


By Mick Hart
Written Tuesday, 1:44 pm

R/O 7 Barlborough Road, Clowne,
Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 4RA
, U.K.

Re: The Secrets Only 1% Of Steroid Users Know, To Get
The Muscle Gains You Want, Without Risking Your Health...

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Dear Muscle Building Friend,

f you want to cut through the BS... the complicated scientific explanations that no one can understand, the media propoganda, the lies from athletes or champions, past and present, and get real, hard hitting, 100% useful anabolic steroids knowledge, explained in easy-to-understand "layman's terms", then this will be the most important information you will ever read on the subject...

Because I'm about to reveal to you my powerful secrets of how to use steroids effectively and safely. I have gathered and used these secrets during more than 25 years of hard-core training (for myself, world-class bodybuilding champions, pro athletes, Olympic athletes, and thousands more...).

I'm going to reveal the real dangers that exist, how to easily avoid them, and expose the fairy tale fears that are winded by special interest propaganda.

I am going to give you the keys to getting HUGE fast, in full respect of your body that very few on this hypocritical planet can ever know, except through me.

TIME OUT! "Who is this cocky bloke writing big and bold promises to you about the proven-in-the-trenches truths on how to use steroids effectively and safely?"

Before I start shamelessly bragging my brains out and proving to you that I know what I'm talkin' about when it comes to bodybuilding and steroids (so you believe me and get the muscle gains you want as safe and fast as humanly possible), please let me tell you what I am NOT:

1) I'm NOT a damn reseller of supplements:

These fools really p*ss me off, because at least 90% of the time they actually hurt people and hurt the sport.

They ONLY want to pad their precious purses by giving or selling useless info geared to sell you their supplements. I simply provide honest info to help normal folks do their body building at champion levels, with stunning results. No more, no less.

2) I'm NOT a book-ninny who has only read and studied about steroids:

You know all those sports commentators who rip up the pros with such authority, but have never played the sport in their life? Or did so miserably...

I say put them on the field and see what happens to their fat, sorry butts under the spot lights, then let the real pros comment on that! I say, learn from the real deal, not arm-chair wanna-be's.

3) I'm NOT a politician trying to get re-elected:

In other words, I don't lie through my shiny false teeth, and my nose ain't stained brown from shovin' it up bungholes for favors! Arnie, you listenin' man?

4) I'm NOT trying to convince you to take steroids:

You are a big boy or girl, I'm here to give you the honest truth, and then, after you have the facts, if you do decide to take steroids, I hope my vast experience can be your guiding light, so you don't waste your time groping in the dark, or worse, trip and hurt yourself in the process.

5) I'm NOT a 12-week miracle muscle pusher of "roid-free natural lies":

I've seen all the before and after photos and claims with super skinny dudes holding newspapers, next to another photo as Hercules (just a few weeks later)

In 25 years of experience, in hundreds of gyms, and thousands and thousands of students, both physical and in correspondences... I have NEVER actually seen or heard of this feat of dramatic muscle gain ever happening without the use of steroids.

And I've seen thousands try...

I have absolutely nothing against natural training, did it for years, in fact I absolutely recommend you do the same. But for hard gainers to say that they "stumbled" on a natural system that puts on 48 lbs of solid lean muscle in a few weeks, is pure rubbish even for the most genetically gifted freaks on the planet!

They should honestly be locked up for such outright lies and fraudulent claims. I mean think about it, if anyone can gain 48 lbs in a few weeks, naturally, then he'd weigh about 8 tonnes after a few years!

6) In case you haven't noticed, I'm NOT worried about what others think of me or the way I speak:

Because this is the real world folks, this is how people talk in the gym, and steroids are a far more serious subject than foul language.

If you're hung up on the "f" words and "s" words, then what the hell are you doin' here? Go get your steroids education by some sweet-worded and clueless pencil pusher! You're only going to start blushin' harder than a June strawberry from here on out if you stick around sweety!

Oh... my name is Mick Hart and I'm your best friend in the world if you want the no-BS truth on how to use steroids to get big, strong, ripped muscles... fast and safe.

Here's why:

You see, I've been there. Competed with success, coached with even greater success, been ripped off, taken too much gear, taken too little, studied, qualified, and even cried about the bloody sport, many times. I have been through all that you can imagine and probably beyond. 

I have been in the deepest, darkest valleys of bodybuilding hell, and on the brightest mountain peaks of glorious bodybuilding success. I have been through all the monotonous, disciplined, training, dieting, and resting realities in between that comes with this damned and blessed sport.

I have done all of this over 25 years on practically every steroid and supplement ever created for bodybuilding to feel its effects first hand and witness my body results, or expose the useless scams. I know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I have inadvertently flirted with Death, and by God's grace alone am I hear to tell you about it, and warn you... I have used my body to know the honest truth.

In many cases, I have had the graces of recognizing the very dangerous elements surfacing in bodybuilding without having to take the substance - and I'll warn you now, before you do something really stupid that you will regret dearly.

I write these books straight from the heart. Not like the bullshit, load of pathetic publications that I have seen of late. Prove me wrong... but you won't find another person who knows as much about this shit as I do.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Usually I only brag in the pub after a few pints... so here's one to you!

Seriously now, since you probably don't know me, and the subject of steroids use is extremely serious (especially when losers who know nothing about the subject, give advice anyway, and hurt others), please let me qualify myself:

Here's 8 of my credentials (bragging rights) to prove I understand steroids in all ways like very few in this wacky world, and that I can help you realize the body you want and help you stay out of the dark valleys of suffering:

Bragging Right #1:

I am a fully qualified BAWLA Olympic grade A Coaching Instructor.

I've been in professional bodybuilding now for about 25 years. I am what they call, the leading "go-to guy" honcho in the sport. Pros have a problem? They come to me.

Bragging Right #2:

Writer of two best sellers on the subject of steroids


Bragging Right #3:

I also own, design, print and publish the monthly hardcore bodybuilding and steroid magazine - the

Which is happily "killing the opposition".

This baby is fast becoming the top cult steroid read in the world, because it's "open, honest, independent, and brilliantly written steroid information". (Weird how "open" and "honest" makes it a "cult" phenomena...)

Side note - if you want to see some free samples of the No Bull Collection (not for the faint of heart - my language is admittedly foul) then send a blank email to nobullcollection@getresponse.com

Bragging Right #4:

In bodybuilding I competed at a high level myself, and I have coached and trained no less than 80 first places, 70 seconds, and more than 20 thirds in the last four years alone

Many of the victories came at the highest levels.

I have also trained MANY champions (some of whom sadly do not admit it - bast***s - but that's the very hypocritical nature of the bodybuilding world).

Bragging Right #5:

The world’s TOP pros seek out my advice on a daily basis regarding steroid knowledge, cycling, stacking, and safety methods

And not only bodybuilders, the list includes Olympic athletes and many other pro athletes from many sports. Like I said, I'm basically the "go-to" guy when there is a problem or question to be answered.

Bragging Right #6:

I am the leading bodybuilding and
anabolic steroid Advisor to the British media.

This means the BBC and ITV (the two principal British TV channels). I have appeared many times now on TV and Radio in the UK.

I don't know why they keep inviting me back... every 20 seconds they yell, "Cut!... Mick, you can't say that!"... But I go along because they ask me so nicely!

Bragging Right #7:

I have written for all of the leading bodybuilding magazines

Gigs like MuscleMag... etc, and many other very famous globally distributed magazines such as FHM, Later, Men's Health, etc. (The list goes on and on, but you get the point) 

Bragging Right #8:

I have designed AND built 479 gyms and clubs all over the UK

Which include Scotland Yard, Houses of Parliament, No. 10 Downing Street, Oil companies, Shell, Texaco, Philips Petroleum etc etc.

479 gyms is a lot of freakin' gyms! Think about it (if you do a bum job, they don't ask you again, and again...)

Here's A Sample Of Mick Hart
"Rocking The Boat" With The Simple Truth On National English BBC TV:
(Can't Have The Truth Now, Can We?)

Question: How many Olympic athletes use steroids?

Famous Olympic Gold Medal Athlete (name withheld): "I would estimate 5% of the athletes have used steroids..."

Mick Hart (laughing out loud): "BOLL*CKS TO THAT MATE!..."

BBC TV Director: "CUT!... Mick you can't say that... let him finish what he was saying, can we try again..."

Famous Olympic Athlete: "It's my opinion 5-10% of the athletes have used steroids..."

Mick Hart: "BOLL*CKS!..."

BBC TV Director: "CUT! Cut!..."

Mick comments later: "I didn't blame the director for yelling "Cut", but at this point I was looking around for someone bleeding to death! (Gold medal athlete's name withheld) had no idea as to how many of his fellow athletes were on the gear - I did though..."

Read on if you want
the unedited truth

"The Layman's Guides
To Steroids I And II"

"Probably the most useful anabolic
steroids information ever published..."

Get On The Fast Track With Easy-To-Understand
Steroid Information That Works!

"Every bodybuilder who is even remotely considering steroids should own these books!"

It is 100% in your self-interest to grab these books now as nobody knows this stuff as well, or talks about it as openly and clearly as Mick Hart. No secondary motives (like selling you supplements or gear), no snake-tongue talk (that carefully dodges issues without saying a damn thing), no BS!

Just the truth to help you get big and stay safe.

Save Years Of "Gym Time"

I chose the steroid route because I did not want to waste time in getting the body I desired. Many of us (even on juice), through lack of knowledge, waste months, and possibly even years of gym time because we don't really know what we are doing.

When it comes to steroids you can't ask just anyone. Very often we all take advice from others who don't know what the hell they are doing.

It's the "blind leading the blind"!! Bad idea. This is a unique opportunity to get no-nonsense real truths from a genuine steroid expert.

Here's what others are saying...

"I learned more about steroids from these two books than I did from over ten years gym time..."

"I also learned that using anabolic steroids need not be as dangerous and haphazard as I previously thought. Along with this the books also contain a lot of nutritional and training information that made me approach my training in a completely different and much more productive way.

I seriously recommend these manuals to anybody who not only cares about their training but about their health. Serious information delivered in a manner everyone can understand.

A great read."

- Davyk
Liverpool, England.

"I recently purchased the Laymans Guide- WOW...
just started a cycle and was about to fuck it all up based on this goof ball I had met in the gym..."

"Dear Mick,

I just received your e-mail and wanted to let you know that you rock. I had recently started taking gear and the only real help I had was from the actual supplier and the other guys in the gym. As you can probably imagine the information was shall we say conflicting.

I checked out a lot of different sites but it all seemed like the same boring bullshit- not really telling me what I needed to now. Your sight and e-mails have been instrumental in me making the proper gains on gear and not screwing myself by listening to a lot of so called experts.

I recently purchased the Laymans Guide- WOW. That is what I have been looking for and right on time. I had just started a cycle and was about to fuck it all up based on this goof ball I had met in the gym who claimed to be a certified trainer, steroid expert, etc.(basically a know it all asshole who really doesn't know jack shit)

Thank you for all of your great, straight forward information. Just to let you know I have not picked up a body building magazine or any other such related materials since getting hooked up with you. It all just seems like mindless dribble compared to you and what is up with all the advertisements? Are they trying to help or are they just after my money. (That's a rhetorical question)

Thank you again and congratulations on your work with Chris. He looks great. Thanks to you I am on my way there too."

- Brian Sundermann

"Anyone interested in bodybuilding, let alone steroids would do well to see for themselves what Mick Hart has to offer, from beginner to competitor!"

"Hello Mick, I first heard of you by accident while searching the web for information on steroids, most of the sites are crap!

I purchased the laymans guides...

You have answered my questions on the phone, you have answered my mails... excellent service, anyone interested in bodybuilding, let alone steroids would do well to see for themselves what Mick Hart has to offer, from beginner to Competitor!

I would like to thank you for your time and trouble in helping me and I feel very comfortable with the knowledge that if I need help you are there for me.

All the best."

- Paul

"Read both books the weekend that I
bought them, they were brilliant"

"I feel I've learnt so much from them, in fact, I still refer to them for any questions I have. They have exercise and gear plans that are easy to understand and follow. Also now I know what the juice that I get is best for e.g mass, or conditioning. Money well spent and I havent got a lot of it to go around. Cheers Mick."

- Daniel

"I always like to fall back on the books just before
a cycle to make sure everything's 100%"

"I have read both laymens guides and found them to be very enjoyable and informative. I now work out my own cycles utilising the steroid references in your books. I always like to fall back on the books just before a cycle to make sure everything's 100%.

 Cheers mick gold dust"

- Colin

"The Layman's Guide To Steroids Book I":
Here's What's Inside (Real Screenshot)

Raise Your Level Of Understanding Instantly!

You will fully understand terms like "receptor sites", "stacking", "cycles", and all the rest of the common, yet very often misunderstood steroid terminology.

Warning: Many people think they know this, but once you've had it explained by an expert, and in easy to understand terms you'll not only understand these terms, but you'll know how you can use this knowledge to achieve your muscular goals faster and safer.

Section One - Straight From The Hip!

See what the commercial "Kings" of the bodybuilding world are constantly saying in their mags, again and again, that is 100% total bullshit! (pg 1)

Discover the two things that so-called "natural steroid replacements" will do to your body (hint: not build muscles) (pg 2)

Discover the one secret "steroid food" ancient Greek athletes devoured... talk about hard-core! (pg 3)

Discover exactly how many pounds you can realistically gain today on steroids in one month... and how much your strength can increase - these figures might shock you, but they are proven in battle.  (pg 4...)

What substance must be used in combination with Dianabol to combat the side effect of excess water intake. (pg 5)

Which 4 low Androgenic steroids are used to diet down for contests. (pg 5)

Will low Androgenics build massive physiques? Hear what Champions have to say about common opinion... (pg 5)

Discover what are the least favorite steroids with first time users, but why they may be the best.  (pg 8)

What type of steroid should NEVER be injected in the veins, but just the muscles. (pg 8)

Discover where you should "stick" yourself for the best and safest results.

Know exactly what type of needle size is best for most steroids, and which size should be used with Winstrol. (pg 8)

The 10 Dangers of jabbing to be avoided at all costs, and secrets on how to inject painlessly. (pg 9-10)

Plus much more...

Section Two - Methods Of

Discover the new stacking time frames, and why the old models have been abandoned. (pg 11)

Get an exact weekly and daily cycle chart for Dianabol or Pronabol, and learn why it is BELOW the recommended dosage, and a good option for first time users.

Discover the incredible importance of "receptor sites" towards muscle growth, in such simple language that a child could understand, and exactly what you need to do to make sure these little guys continue to work feverishly for you without fail (pg 13-14)

See how inaccurate cycles can bring on losses of 30% or more, wasting your efforts and hard-earned money. (pg 14)

Discover the only two substances (when found in pure form) that are essential if you intend on prolonging your cycles. (pg 14)

Get the insider scoop of how Tom Platz (world class champion) inadvertently started the injection "diamond" pattern fad, by joking - and how the bodybuilding world is full of such nonsense and hoaxes. (pg 15)

Discover which high androgen steroid is so powerful that it will put muscle on a tomato, and what you absolutely have to do to protect yourself if you plan on taking this beast. (pg 16)

See which of the many "high androgens" I prefer to use, and why. And the best way to stack this substance to maintain maximum safety. (pg 16)

Get Mick Hart's personal customized mass building cycle - stack summary, not to be found in any other publication (pg 17-18)

Plus much more...

Section Three - Discover The Proven Secrets
Of Natural Supplementation With Steroids

Discover the critical importance of amino acids, which types contend as the best to take, and which ones I, and my most recent 27 champion winners, all prefer to "feed" our  muscles... (we might just be on to something, eh?) (pg 20)

Discover the vitamins necessary to combat steroid side effects, reducing any collateral harm to almost zero, and the one vitamin in particular that is a steroid user's "best friend". (pg 24)

See which vitamin will fight water retention, bloatedness, hair loss, and muscle cramps... it's simply foolish not to include this vitamin into your daily routine. (pg 24-25)

Grab Mick's powerful amino acid loading tips and workout strategy that will get the body area in question so gorged with blood, that the amino acids will be attracted to the stimulated area like heat-seeking missiles... for guaranteed explosive growth! (pg 26)

Plus much more...

Section Four - Side Effects And
Steroid Ranking/Descriptions

Discover the two main steroid side effects (not as serious as you might suspect), why they come about, and how you can easily prevent them. (pg 27)

See the 5 favorite "media" side effects, why at least 3 of these are a good thing, and how the so-called negative sides is a load of bollocks. (pg 28)

Discover the simple secrets of why I have never suffered any negative side effects, even after many years of steroid use, and exactly how you can easily stay safe too.

Get a complete description of all the Oral steroids, and what I have personally experienced, seen, and think of each one. (pg 30-34)

See which drugs work to combat the old "bitch tit" boobies, which are best for dieting, which are best for first time users.. and more.

Discover why injectables are far less toxic than orals, but if you have a fear of needles - what you can do to reduce the toxins in orals.

Why you should grab this genuine "de-toxifier" non-steroid supplement from India if you ever find it, without even thinking twice, as it is totally safe, and it truly works, not like some of the bullshit floating around... (pg 34)

Get a complete list and description of all the Injectables, and what I have personally experienced, seen, and think of each one. (pg 34-37)

Plus much more...

The Layman's Guide to Steroids Book II
 A More Detailed Look at Steroids, Covering More
Advanced Subjects Including Insulin & HGH.

"...Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, steroids are here to stay, that's a fact! The trick is to make sure your decision to use them is done so with all the knowledge you can muster, with care, so you are safe at all times.

Unfortunately, gaining some of that knowledge can be quite scary. Who do you ask? It's the first hurdle to get over.

Here, Mick Hart, in his second book in the series, explains steroid use in a way that we all can understand without needing a medical degree. It's done in his own unique way; straight from the hip, with wild humour, with in-your-face aggression, but at all times, with brutal honesty.

Everybody understands brutal honesty..."

In the Layman's Guide to Steroids II you'll build on the basics that you learned in the first book in the series. Here's a closer look at exactly what you'll discover:

Chapter One - The Public View

Meet "Joe"... "Joe" is an ignorant bast*rd. "Joe" has a lot of strong opinions about steroids, even though "Joe" wouldn't recognize the difference between a steroid and a cure for hemorrhoids until it was shoved up his ass. But it's not entirely "Joe's" fault...

"Joe" simply likes to believe what he's spoon fed, without asking if it's true or not...

"Joe" is the public view...

Get my very own insight into what the public think of steroids and why... and how it affects you.

Chapter Two - Side Effects vs. Us

Let's dissect the REAL potential dangers of steroid use. It's true that the dangers of steroid use are wildly over-exaggerated, but you DO NEED TO KNOW what those real potential dangers are. Then you decide.

Also let's not kid ourselves... take a look at the side effects of taking too much "hay fever remedy". You'll find the comparison shocking. Want more? Then check out what too much aspirin will do to you in my "put it into perspective" brutally honest side effect comparisons.

Chapter Three - Using And Abusing

A closer "veteran player" look at what really happens when using steroids, as opposed to abusing steroids. Do you know the sure fire signs that tell if you're using or abusing?  (Apart the possible need to put your dick in a cast to have sex).

Chapter Four - Too Much? Too Little?

Use - don't abuse! Don't become a "full aquatic tub" (FAT) - learn exactly how much steroids to take, that don't take you over the top.

Most people take way more steroids than they need, because they simply don't know how to get the maximum gains from less. This can lead to steroid abuse. Become one of the "insiders" and discover how you can use steroids like a sharp old greedy miser, getting mucho muscle bang for poco dolleros.

Chapter Five - Steroid Clearance Times

Don't get busted by upcoming tests!

Check out this detailed guide to steroid clearance times...

Why do you need to know this? Maybe you're thinking of competing. Maybe you need to take a blood test at work.... With these details you are that much safer. These are the same details I use when preparing champions for competitions.

Here's a quick extract...

"Please remember that this chapter is as accurate as is possible. Many different athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders have followed the guidelines to some great success. However, I would always err on the side of caution and if in doubt, give the time limits that little bit longer.

The other main point that I would like to put especially to the bodybuilding fraternity is that by all means take in the information as knowledge is the key factor as it should be. But remember, most bodybuilding shows are not tested, simply because if they were NO ONE WOULD TURN UP! Am I right or wrong? The former? I agree!"... continued in the Layman's Guide II

Chapter Six - Injection Procedures And Safety

17 essential injection rules you must follow to become a safe and painless "jabber pro" at home. Don't even think about injecting without knowing this stuff.

Chapter Seven - Training On And Off Steroids

Hit a muscle plateau and not getting any bigger? Want to save yourself years of training? This is what pushes most to use steroids...

See how different people can react in totally different ways to the same steroids. It depends on your genes. Learn what to do if you are fat, what to do if you are skinny. How to prepare yourself physically to use steroids, especially if you are out of shape. Plus much more...

Chapter Eight - Training And Cycles For Beginners

Orals or jabs? Some thoughts on the subject, and how you can start without needles.

Discover the "Shit-Hot" Beginner 3 Day Training Plan - ignore the "old boys" in the gym shower, this plan works to put the muscle on!

Learn how often you should weigh yourself, no more, no less!

Get two detailed cycles and stacks training examples for the beginner... and much more.

Chapter Nine - Training And Cycles For Intermediate

Discover the advantages of "splitting routines".

See two "intermediate" example cycles and stacks for "mass" and "conditioning" (detailed by Day and Week).

Plus much more...

Chapter Ten - Training And Cycles For Advanced

Get my "Pre Competition Workout, Advanced Condition Phase"
(Day 1 - 3 workout schedules, both a.m. and p.m.)

See two advanced cycle examples, broken down into specific daily stacks, and doses.

Discover how long you should start this intense training before your competition, and how long you should maintain it.

Plus much more...

Chapter Eleven - Steroids For The Older Man

Is there an age limit for steroid use? Is there an age when steroids won't make any difference? You'll be glad to know the answer is a very big NO !!! Steroids can hugely benefit the older guy, let me show you how and why...

Here's a quick extract...

"Some of the most popular questions asked of me are, without doubt, based around the following, "Mick, I am getting on a bit, I am (e.g.) 50 years old, is it too late to take the gear? If I do, will it harm me in any way? Is it worth it? Will I make any gains? Will I still be able to have kids? "... and so on. Now I am going to put your poor old minds at rest. Honest! Those questions are asked not, as above, only by people about 50. They come from as young as 30 thro’ to 70 and above."... continued in the Layman's Guide II

Chapter Twelve - Supplements Plus

You need supplements, more so when you are on steroids, but the question is which ones?

There is so much marketing hype around that the answer to this question is never clear until explained. You need to back up your training, diet, rest and steroids with the correct supplements, that is obvious -- but which ones are the correct ones? I'll explain it clearly for you.

Chapter Thirteen - Dieting Off And On Steroids

Do you know what to eat, when and why? Get the full scoop...

Successful use of steroids is more than just jabbing your ass with gear and eating like a pig!! If you really want lean muscle you have to know how to eat ON and OFF steroids.

Here's a quick extract...

"On or off the gear our diet's have to be as accurate as we can get them. OFF the gear we don't have the advantages that we would have ON. That being, the main fact is that when on the juice, our bodies are screaming out for quality protein in order that it can grow. With this gear in us, our appetites can be increased tremendously. Most think that by taking the gear alone, all of the protein, carbs and fat will turn to muscle - this is not so.

Steroids will certainly boost the growth process but unless it is specifically designed to burn off fat, it will not do two jobs at once. This is why people get disheartened and come off steroids, only to pull it’s results down - and us with it."... continued in the Layman's Guide II

Chapter Fourteen - A Selection Of Steroids In Use Today

A look into some of the most popular steroids, written in a simple, straightforward way you can easily understand, complete with suggested dosages etc. This will arm you with all the information you need to know about these drugs in order to make intelligent decisions about which to use.

Chapter Fifteen - Growth Hormone Simplified!

The simplest, and easiest to understand, blow-by-blow explanation of exactly what GH does in the body and more.

See some example of what you might experience and feel.

Sight injection? Some pros and cons to that idea...

Want to see what's pissing off the Olympic commitee (hint: they're having a hard time detecting good old "G")? Come take a look...

Chapter Sixteen - Insulin Usage, Good Or Bad?

What is insulin and what does it do? What are the hypo dangers? Should you use it? Get my STRONG opinion on this controversial, and very dangerous subject

Chapter Seventeen - Nubain, The Sad Intervention

Nubain, simply put, is a "hard drug that could ruin bodybuilding". "Nubain is opius based, like heroin. Once jabbed you are literally hooked and FUCKED!"

"Many top competitors, dealers, and officials are totally hooked on this shit... with little chance of coming off. Apparently the downer (come down effect), can be terrible, frightening..."

Ever heard of "The Dark Night Of The Soul"? Even if you are not a religious person, you will pray to God with all your strength, desperate that your prayers are answered when you come down off this shit...

I have never used Nubain, but I know what it means to be terrified beyond imagination...

Chapter Eighteen - Recovery Factors, How Important?

Discover the main reasons a bodybuilder hits a "plateau" and stops seeing the gains that they could have.

See the main benefits of a "three day training system" and the surprisingly effective "one body part per week" training system.

Plus much more...

Chapter Nineteen - A Question Mick?

A selection of questions and answers from No Bull Collection back issues. See some honest and outrageous answers to questions like these and more:

Here's a quick extract...

QUESTION - Is it true that I should be doing about 5 sets of fifty reps a day to get good abs? My friend says that it is the only way to get a six pack. He uses a lot of weight behind his neck when he does them. Should I?

QUESTION - Does site injection work in your opinion Mick? I have heard so many different theories that I am not sure which way to go."

QUESTION - Mick, sometimes when I jab Sustanon into my butt, it can be so painful I have to stop. What is it with this steroid, have I got a counterfeit? I have sent you one to look at - what do you think?...

See Mick's answers to 15 questions like these, continued in the Layman's Guide II

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I pull no punches.

I have trained many champs, and have no reason to hold back this "secret information". I have no "hidden agenda" - I'm not not trying to sell you some crap supplements or ridiculous electronic pads to build your muscles while you vegetate on the couch watching T.V. -- BS!

It's all in these books, "the good, the bad and the ugly" of steroids today. If you finally want real home truths, then this is where you can finally get it.

Please don't take my word for it though...

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"I thought I knew about steroids. I thought I knew about training. I thought there was nothing I could read that would teach me anything new. Then I came across Mick Hart's Layman's Guides to Steroids and had the best cycle of my life with no side effects and kept 90% of my gains."

Arlington, TX USA

"Mick's book is the one I return to again
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"Sensible, level advice from one of the best in the business. Mick's been telling it 'as it is' almost for more years than I've had hot dinners. Mick's book is one I return to again and again when it comes to steroids."

- Steve Gardener
Publisher of Muscle Mob Magazine, and

"Stick with The Layman's Guides...
because it works"

"I've since read books on this subject that were bigger and more expensive than The Laymans Guides. Most of them get far too technical and leave you more confused than when you began.

Mick's policy is to stick with the basics, and since reading The Guides it's become my policy as well - because it works."

- Moe.
Dundee, Scotland.

"I battled with my training for years, hitting
every plateau and brick wall there was,
until I discovered the Laymans Guide."

"It gave me all the information I needed to know, and proved to me that bodybuilding and the taking of steroids is a science, written by an expert.

Above all, this book taught me how to do things SAFELY, which is in my opinion of utmost importance!"

- Richie
Sydenham, London.

"Exhibits three things:
honesty, honesty and honesty"

"Hi Mick,

At a time where bodybuilding has become subject to the infighting of association wannabe's and the glare of the press, be it good or bad (usually the latter) it is somewhat refreshing to know there is still at least a handful of people out there who can still lift themselves above the crowd an exhibit humility and integrity when those around them fall like dominos.

It makes a pleasure to pick up a book, magazine or watch a bodybuilding video that exhibits three things: honesty, honesty and honesty (okay, so they're humorous as well) as opposed to the staged, airbrushed, clinical and heavily edited.

No that's not to destroy the other products, there is room (and a market) for all. But what people want to see is something that speaks their language.

Mick Hart is one of those who speak the language. Sometimes brash, sometimes loud, often controversial and ON occasions witty but always brutally honest.

Good to see the mag has gone live... may you continue to reign. All the best."

- Neil Jackson
Film Producer/Director

So, let's resume...

Ready to download the tips, tricks and secrets of a genuine steroid expert, (who knows as much or more about bodybuilding and the secrets of real life steroid use, than any big-armed contender or champ out there), all jam-packed into two simple ebooks?

Sick humor warning: It's not my fault if you laugh, burp, and fart while you read my books, it simply means you have the same, rude, twisted sense of humor as I do. Be careful, it's dangerous stuff.

Despite the humor factor, here's the point:

With this info, you STOP wasting your time and money, and you avoid unnecessary side effects while getting bigger, faster than ever before. The steroid B.S. stops here. Period.

No Other Steroid Book On The
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What does that tell you?

Try and find another steroid book which offers you the same (I have looked and I didn't find even one other steroid book out there that offers you the same guarantee) !!!

I am so confident that you will be thrilled with The Layman's Guides, that I will take ALL of your risk for 8 weeks. You either love it, or you don't pay.

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- Mick Hart

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Even if I were a total liar, and didn't respect your refund request (I, of course, will always respect it)... but if I ignored it, you could still get a refund through Clickbank (our online payment handler).

It's Clickbank's policy to give a 60 day refund, no matter what we say.

Place your order using the secure server below. Then read the books, use the information, and if at any point within the next 60 days you don't think that you have benefited from the knowledge in these books then simply take advantage of my "60 Day No Bull Guarantee".

In the unlikely case that you have a problem, contact us first, not Clickbank. Send me an email and ask for ALL of your money back, and like I said, I'll happily refund every single penny.

You have absolutely NO RISK whatsoever.

What Are These eBooks Worth?

Well first, the Layman's Guides are currently selling at my online store for approximately $83 (45 British Pounds) to be shipped to the USA as shown below:

- The Layman's Guide to Steroids I - $38.00 (depending on exchange rate)
- The Layman's Guide to Steroids II - $45.00 (depending on exchange rate)

This is how much they should cost you - a total of exactly $83 and the truth is that even at these prices they are a run-to-the-shop bargain!

I guess that's just one of the reasons why they became mammoth best sellers... I mean come on, a lifetime of steroid knowledge for less than $90?

Hell it really is a bargain, it cost me ten's of thousands of dollars and over 25 years of working my arse off to learn this stuff.

Tiny priceless example -- in the "injection advice" I'll give you one simple tip that will reduce the pain from those uncomfortable and painful injections. It's something so simple, yet no one does it and very few even know about it.

Now, when you're walking (or rather, limping) around after a Sustanon injection, cursing steroids because your arse is aching somethin' fierce, you tell me how much this simple tip alone is worth?

If you look around at the other steroid books that you can buy, in terms of quality they range from total crap to very good. But none of the good ones are cheap!

The very good ones are also NOT easy to understand. They are written assuming you have a PhD in chemistry... you know what that means?

It means this... that the info is NOT practical and easy to follow, so you probably won't use it.

Do You Prefer The $690 Steroid Book?

No, that's not a typo my friend - six hundred and ninety dollars. Now don't rush off to buy it right way !!!

If you don't believe me then go take a look at Amazon.com - the book is titled "Mass Spectra and Gc Data of Steroids: Androgens and Estrogens (Lopkowski/Ross: Frontiers in Electrochemistry)"

Personally I don't even understand the title! :-)

The Layman's Guides are the books I wish I had read when I started with steroids. Nobody shares such valuable secrets that are 100% useful for the average gym guy or gal!

And frankly I think that the information in these books is easily worth hundreds of dollars... as I said, I have already sold an incredible number of copies for $83...

This is the very same information that I used to help my son Chris achieve his goals. And please, don't think for a minute that I would ever risk the health of my own son...

Here's a few more pics of Chris so you can see exactly the look we achieved in just 11 months (I say just 11 months, but they were 11 serious months of hard work -- still the results speak for themselves.)

Great side pose, check
out the chest.

There is no better cardio than bag
work, burns fat, builds speed,
strength and flexibility all
at the same time.



Posing bastard, what's
the shades all about?

Used this pic on the cover of
one of the No Bull Mags.



Awesome look for a young gun.
Just what he wanted.

A well developed back is important,
I have seen too many people train
only chest and arms - you know
those I mean, they look stupid.



You too can have this look, with the right info, and enough hard work!

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This magazine is banned from the news stand racks (but I don't care), because it is growing immensely nonetheless, and has established a "cult" following among thousands of hard-core bodybuilders, and people who want the honest truth about steroid use today.

I told you... The "No Bull" Collection is a totally no BS, wild and crazy magazine, with fearless humor, and of course, the best cutting edge steroid info content available.

Hard selling supplement sellers can kiss my butt! You won't find any of them selling crap within my "No Bull Collection"...

And as you can see, I won't allow my hands to be tied by the censorship grannies. Too much is at stake, for too many people to allow this. The truth (and a little wild fun) is far more important, but this means these mags are harder to find.

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How A Veteran World Class Bodybuilding Trainer To Champions Was Caught Off-Guard And Turned Into
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"Tears On A Keyboard"

(The True Story Of A Traumatic Battle)
By Mick Hart

"See For Yourself What Reduced Me, A Big
And Strong Man (A Trainer Of Champions!)
To Be Found By My 13 Year Old Daughter,
In A Pool Of My Own Blood, With Eight
Of My Teeth Knocked Out and Gone..."

"I sincerely hope my story helps you" -- Mick Hart

********** ********** **********

Here's Some Spontaneous Feedback:

"Should Be Compulsory Reading
By All Bodybuilders"

"I was too "choked" to reply by phone after reading your book... This book should be compulsory reading by all bodybuilders to warn them of the dangers of ANY substance abuse.

It took great courage to write such a book. Only a person of such humility could admit such a traumatic battle. Such a man is Mick Hart, whose greatest strength is love. I feel privileged to call him my friend."

David Gentle - International Bodybuilding Author

"Got your "Tears On A Keyboard", and let my supper get cold reading it from start to finish. The book is a masterpiece because you wrote it from the heart... I believe this book will help many."

Robert Kennedy
Owner/Publisher - MuscleMag International Bodybuilding Magazine

"That was the most heartfelt and honest article I have ever read... You are a cornerstone of a community, and we respect you always..."

Marcel Apfel

"Nearly in tears here...

Mick has been my mentor for over 10 years now, I started at 16 and I still remember the advice today, and how my physique (and myself) has grown...

This is amazing and can only be written by the one and only Mick Hart."


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- The Steroid Encyclopaedia Team
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Mick Hart
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Big P.S. There is nothing illegal in talking about steroids. You are NOT breaking any laws here (at least in the Western civilization where free speech is permitted) by buying this steroid info.

P.P.S. If you have read this far, and not ordered your copies - is it the money? Are you still debating the $79 ($39 with discount now) investment?

Ask yourself this question: If you could download these books now for free, would you?

If your answer is yes, then the reason you are still undecided is ONLY because of the $79 ($39). So let's address this $79 ($39)

Do I have your permission to talk to you very frankly, like I would to a friend? Do I have that? Yes. Great, thanks.

OK, now let me ask you another question: If you choose not to invest the $79 ($39) and not buy these books, but you intend on using steroids, then where will you get your reliable steroid information?

For free on the Internet? Some guy in the gym? A pusher? I hope you said "no", otherwise this is worse than I thought... I bet you didn't read this page.

Get this in your head - very, very, very few in this world, know steroids, not even doctors, and so-called pros... I am not exaggerating when I say that 99% of the users out there are blowing it - some worse than others, but most are really blowing it...

It takes first hand experimentation, and years of real practice, with thousands of people making up your database, to get this stuff straight. Especially when it comes to helping others.

You don't have to believe me, but is it worth risking your body (for $39 bucks?)

Listen, if you're going to base your steroid decisions about cycles, stacks, dosages etc. on this "free" information, without knowing the credentials of the person giving it (as is the case on these free boards), then frankly my friend, I'm sorry to say it, but you are incredibly stupid.

I don't mean to insult you, I want to help you.

Steroids are not candy, don't be a cheapskate with yourself and the people who love you, perhaps even depend on you. Do not take advice from anyone about steroids who cannot DOCUMENT his credentials.

Apart from the fact that you'll probably waste A LOT of time and cash (steroids aren't cheap), and produce zero or very poor results, the health risks are just way too high. Can you afford that possibility... can your family afford it??

25 years of steroid experience for a measly $79 ($39)... think about it, don't walk away from it.  I'm practically giving this info to you, but I can't give it for free, this would devalue it too much. Ok? Be safe.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you have a full 60 days to read it, even try it out to see if it works for you, if you don't like what you see, I'll give you your money back. No other steroid book authors are this confident.

The info is simply the best...

As Henry Ford said when he was questioned about the exceptionally high salaries he paid to his top people...

"You either pay the cost of acquiring knowledge or you pay the cost of ignorance, and the latter is always more expensive in the long run."

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Best Wishes,

Mick Hart

"I have achieved incredible results
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your books... with ZERO side effects"


"Thanks to your Layman's Guides I have gone from an absolute steroid newbie to an intelligent and informed user in no time at all.

I have achieved incredible results using the steroids, cycles and advice in your books and with ZERO side effects.

I can honestly say that my progress has made me the envy of the gym. I have a much better condition than some of the so called big boys, who have been training years - and who resemble what you describe as "water carriers".

I'm certain I saved years of screwing around experimenting for myself, not to mention the cash I could have wasted on gear and supplements I didn't need.

I have even told everyone I did it natural. Fuck 'em, they'll have to find out the truth for themselves !!!"

Anthony M.
Manchester U.K.


Just The Facts And
Absolutely No Bull!

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