YES! I want to know EXACTLY how you
trained Chris to go from virtually zero to British
Championship Qualifier in less then 1 year, and
how I can personalize the plan for my own goals

This is a 100% risk free offer, personally guaranteed by me, Mick Hart. You have my word that the report contains everything I say, and as with ALL my products I put my money (and my reputation) where my mouth is -- in other words if you're not happy, email me and let me know within 8 weeks and I will refund your money, no problems!

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Here's the specifics of your purchase...

Yes Mick, I am taking advantage of this unique offer to obtain the exact training plan used by Chris in his preparation.

I understand that because I have taken the decision to order right away I will be charged just $97 $47 US dollars on a completely risk free basis and that I am under no obligation and can cancel at anytime within 8 weeks after purchase, and obtain a full and complete refund of every penny.

I also understand that by purchasing the report I will receive the following:-

  • The workout routines that Chris followed for the full 12 months, which shows the exercises, body parts, frequency, etc.

  • The meal plans complete with actual meals and the thinking behind them, as well as the changes made to transform Chris's body from the bulking phase to the cutting phase.

  • A list of the supplements that Chris used, so I will know exactly which to buy for myself. (I understand that this information alone could save me a fortune in the next 12 months by showing me only those supplements I need to be using).

  • The actual steroid cycles Chris used. This includes the actual steroids, the doses, the timeframes, for each stage of his years plan: bulking, cutting etc. (The doses are low and intelligent.)

  • An explanation as to how to modify the plan to suit my own personal goals and...

  • The right to purchase a special discounted "no time limit" telephone consultation with Mick, for the purpose of personalizing the report to my own needs. (Details available after order).

Finally I also agree I will not email Mick and say...

  • "Mick, it's only 75 pages" -- (As mentioned this is not a monster publication. I publish steroid books and a mag for people who are looking for general steroid reading and hundreds of pages.)

  • "Mick I thought it was going to be something different" -- (It's called "The Chris Report" and has Chris's training plan for the year in question, so don't expect it to be anything different. It's not an "A to Z" on steroid use, it's not a list of suppliers, or anything similar, it is a training plan.)

  • "Mick the steroid doses are low, and a big guy at the gym says I won't grow using those small amounts" -- (The plan works, look at what happened to Chris, zero to British Championship qualifier within 1 year. More is not better with steroids, neither for your health, your gains, or your pocket.)

  • "Mick I thought it would cover much more about training and steroid use in general" -- (No it doesn't, it's simply a training plan. The step by step plan I prepared for Chris with a guide on how to personalize it for yourself.)

"This may be the most important and powerful information for gaining lean mass you may ever have the opportunity to own, follow and benefit from."
- Mick Hart




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