"Finally, a genuine bodybuilding and anabolic steroids
expert tells EXACTLY how it's REALLY done and gives you
the step by step plan so YOU can do it yourself..."

Who else wants to look like this
just 1 year from now?

Picture of Chris Hart after being coached by his Dad - UK bodybuilding
and steroid expert Mick Hart... Read the full story below.

The Chris Report, by Mick Hart

Get your copy of the exact "step by step" training plan that took my son Chris from zero to British Championship qualifier in less than 1 year...

...Then learn how you can customize it for yourself and make more progress in the next 12 months than you ever dreamed possible.

Dear Friend,

Itís Mick Hart here. Let me ask you the following questions.

Would you like to...

  • Know precisely how I trained my son and transformed his body to give him the exact look he wanted (which you can see in the photo above)?

  • Follow the very same no-nonsense, no-hype, and no-bullshit training plan; which is based on my years of experience honing elite athletes, and is guaranteed to give you more chance of building a lean muscled body than probably any other readily available training information anywhere out there?

  • Know exactly what Chris ate, what workout plan he followed (both to gain mass and define), and which supplements and steroids he took throughout the whole year, (complete with doses and cycles) which assisted him in making such superb progress?

  • Not waste another moment in the gym wondering if your training plan, nutrition or steroid cycles will give you the look you want?

  • And above all, do it all with SAFETY and personal health always no.1 priority?

If this is what you're looking for then maybe you need a copy of "The Chris Report"

Let me explain...

In case you don't know me, I'm Mick Hart, the U.K.'s leading steroid expert (you can see a more detailed list of my credentials below), and recently I trained my very own son Chris...

...We made a one year goal to prepare him for a bodybuilding competition, in which he had decided he wanted to compete, and in the process we built him the physique he had always wanted to have -- lean, muscled, symmetrical and beautifully shaped; the envy of any 20 something year old young man.

If you have seen the website where I sell my best selling steroid books "The Layman's Guides to Steroids" then you will already have seen these "before and after pics.

If not then here you can see for yourself exactly the progress we made in less than 1 year (a little over 11 months to be exact). It's pretty dramatic I'm sure you will agree...


An amazing transformation within just 1 year


Click PLAY and let Chris himself 
tell you about "The Chris Report"

If this type of change is something YOU would like to achieve then you need a plan to follow. One that shows you what to eat, how to train, and which supplements and steroids to use.

But above all else, you need to know how to do it all SAFELY using LOW steroid doses and intelligence.

On this webpage I am going to offer you what may well be the very best chance you will ever have to make such an amazing transformation in YOUR physique.

Below you will see exactly how you can get your copy of the full training plan I made for Chris, and how you can modify it to suit your body and your goals.

"Why did you put your son on that crap?"

But before I explain why this web page could offer you the most important training information you may ever see, I firstly need to address a very important issue...

I receive plenty of emails from people (mainly fathers) asking why the hell I gave steroids to my son.

And the simple answer is I didnít. Chris decided for himself that he wanted to try them. He was in his early 20ís and a man. Free to decide for himself.

And I am very happy that he told me because I would rather him take advice from me than someone else, because I knew that I could make him a cycle with low doses that could achieve great results, and I'm sure you'll agree I did exactly that.

I knew that he could have the look he wanted, and achieve it safely Ė without any adverse side effects.

If you want to see an actual email I received from an angry father who asked me "Why did you put your son on that crap?" together with my answer then click here to read these emails in a pop up window.

Did you read the emails? You should. If you skipped past that I advise you click on the link and read the pop up window.

What "The Chris Report" can do for you...

Okay Iím glad we have addressed that issue. Now letís get back to talking about Chrisís 1 year plan, and how you can get a copy.

Remember: This is the exact same 1 year plan we used to take my Chris from a standing start to British Championship qualifier.

It details the ACTUAL steroid cycles he used, the food he ate and the training plan(s) he followed throughout the whole year to both gain mass, and then cut and define.

For some people who have spent a few years building their body, and maybe even tried steroids but still not truly achieved what they wanted this plan may even look simple. But believe me it's packed with a lifetimes knowledge, and is tremendously powerful.

Let me tell you something... Armed with this "road map to success" the next 12 months could see you achieve the most incredible progress with your physique. Progress you may have only previously dreamed about.

If you follow this plan, I am not exaggerating when I say "it can change your life". It changed Chris's that's for sure.

I know some people will read this report and question it. Comment that the steroid doses are too low to make real progress (not true), then maybe even ignore the plan and follow their own.

Other people will get their copy and never get serious enough to make the commitment to follow through. That's sad, but I know it will happen -- it's human nature. In a way I guess it's good because it would be no big deal if everyone looked like Chris, then the "fat bastard" look would be cool. Well maybe not!

But I want YOU to make a promise to me. When you get your copy you must ignore what other people say or think, make a commitment and then follow the plan. Pay the price. Don't miss workouts, don't over train, don't miss meals... etc.

And I assure you, if you simply do what it says then you WILL make stunning progress.

Will your progress be as good as Chris's? Maybe. Maybe not.

Some people may achieve more and others less. I can say with confidence though that this is a plan which CAN help you achieve similar results (genetics and desire level permitting).

I can't lift the weights for you though. I can't make the meals for you or make sure you eat them on time.

All of that side of the equation -- the "doing" side -- is 100% in YOUR hands, and your hands only.

But I can say, with my hand on my heart, this plan works. If you follow it you WILL achieve big things in a relatively short time.

And why not dream big? Why not go for that look you've wanted yet never REALLY committed yourself to achieve.

"The greater danger, for most of us, lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark... Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish."
- Michelangelo

Nice quote eh? And very apt for anyone who is looking to build his body. Aim high, and then at least if you fall short you can still look awesome!

The point I want to drill home here is you must follow the plan and have belief. Never doubt that you can achieve it, because believe me my friend, you can!

"Never doubt that you can achieve it, because
believe me my friend, you can!" - Mick Hart

Do you really need "The Chris Report"?

I donít know just how happy you are with your progress. I can make a pretty good guess though, which would apply to most people, and that is they're currently not happy with the lean muscle gains you are achieving -Ė often in spite of huge amounts of time and effort.

Here's how I pretty much know why...

Throughout my several thousands of years in the bodybuilding game (I started when Yoda was a young lad) I can say that without doubt the no.1 reason why people donít achieve the gains they want is this:

They do not have a training plan to follow that works, and they do not have the knowledge to make one for themselves, or know anyone with enough knowledge to do it for them.

Why do you think the proís have people who train and prepare them? The knowledge, the "how to", my friend is not easy to obtain.

Many people THINK they know, yet their own physique clearly indicates they donít.

Many people will think they can find the knowledge on a free discussion board on the Internet. Yeah right! Nobody gives away the real truths of this game for free, and here's the proof...

...How many people have you ever seen achieve what Chris achieved in 1 year?

"None" would be the answer for most people. Yet there is "free information" on how to do it all over the Internet.

Therefore trust me when I say the "REAL knowledge" is not easy to find. And don't ever think you'll find it in a glossy bodybuilding mag, because if they tell you (supposing they know) then they wouldn't be able to continually sell you their supplements -- it simply wouldn't be good for their business if you really knew how to make lean mass gains.

The simple fact that very few people offer real knowledge, (and it is not easy to get hold of), is the main reason why I can say "The Chris Report" could be the most powerful information you may ever get your hands on. Itís how a genuine bodybuilding and steroid coach trained his own son, and the results clearly speak for themselves.

Stop and think about that for a minute. I have trained hundreds of bodybuilders, many of whom have achieved top placings in the some of the most important events held... yet this is the information I trained my own son with.

  • Can you possibly imagine I left anything to chance?

  • Can you possibly imagine that I didnít put 110% effort into creating a training plan for him that would virtually guarantee him success?

  • Can you possibly imagine I risked his health for even one second?

The answers are obvious. So I will say it again...

...This may be the most important and powerful information for gaining lean mass you may ever have the opportunity to own, follow and benefit from.

There are no excuses if you fail with this system

I promise you, if you match Chris's desire and commitment and you will succeed. I know that. Chris is no different than most of you guys. He started off out of shape, trained hard and built a physique, but he also made sacrifices and that is what you will also have to do. There is no bullshitting about that statement; you HAVE to make sacrifices if you want to make gains.

Yet I also know that there will be people who buy this plan and fail and blame this system. These same people will then fail on the next system they try as well, it is a fact.

Those that do fail will say that it did not work for this reason or that; the diet was not good enough; the gear was not as good as Chris's; the guy lived in England; basically bullshit and more bullshit.

But should you do this, please let me know then I can listen to you and mark down another failure. Because if you give up on something such as this, nothing more complicated or that consists of MASSIVE amounts of gear will help you because you will always be a failure if you can give up this system.

How can I be so sure? Simply because I am! I know that by following this system as closely as possible you CAN achieve something that you have longed for. There are no secrets, no undisclosed steroid that Chris took that I had hidden away, no special way in which he lifted a dumbbell differently or pressed a barbell to that which you would now.

What IS different is that it is done in a combination perfectly suited to the task with NO changes whatsoever until they were needed.

Every exercise was done for a set time more or less, but they were given time to work and NOT changed after reading a new and amazing workout routine every other day.

Simple and effective married to a firm belief in him as a person and the task ahead. THAT is how you can succeed by doing exactly the same.

The results that Chris achieved were superb. I remember the day before the show when we both stood in front of the mirror and Chris stripped to just some boxer shorts and we had a close look at the finished job. It was incredible.

Hell was I one proud Dad. Not because he had took steroids, but because he had made a goal, worked like hell for one year with an intelligent and safe plan and we were both now looking at the results.

That's how you can look and feel if you simply follow the plan, and match Chris's determination and desire.

"I promise you, if you match Chris's desire and
commitment and you will succeed." - Mick Hart

Why should you believe what I say

First reason to believe me: The results you can see in these pics are real, there's no bullshit involved. This is not a pathetic advert for some new crock of shit supplement.

This was achieved through hard work, safe and effective steroid use, correct nutrition and rest, and a training plan that provided the necessary stimulus at the exact time and to the right areas to promote the growth.

Second reason to believe me: The guy in the pics is my son. So when I say that safety was at all times the absolute dominant factor in all decisions, I really do mean it was.

The results were achieved with the use of extremely LOW doses of steroids. They are not the result of abuse. Most people use far too much steroids when they do a cycle. That's dangerous and expensive. Hell some even boast about how much they take -- that's pure stupidity, and it's pricks like this that give bodybuilders a bad reputation with the general public.

We have all seen these stupid fat "bodybuilders", with massive water retention (they are eternally bulking up, at least that's their excuse), and with a face and body full of acne. Oh and I forgot to mention the "bitch tits".

Chris didn't want that look (hardly surprising). I don't like that look either, and that's NOT what "The Chris Report" is about.

Third reason to believe me: Most importantly, I am not some guy whoís just built a website and is talking shit about having discovered the "unknown secrets to building muscle".

There are enough pathetic websites and lying bastards on the ĎNet offering such crap.

No. The truth is you may already know enough to build serious lean mass. But thatís not the same as having a plan to do it that WILL work, knowing that, having belief and following the plan with confidence.

In fact the biggest "secret" to Chrisís success can be found in the headline of the book cover on this page "Dedication and Devotion". (Even so, following the wrong plan with dedication and devotion will obviously get you nowhere.)

Remember that I am not a newcomer to the scene. Neither am I some unknown on the other end of a free message board somewhere on the 'net.

Also I am a very real person, not someone hiding behind a website or P.O. box. Here's a pic of me Ang (Chris's proud mum) and Chris outside our office. And at the foot of this page you can see our address, tel. number, and fax details. Your welcome to call me anytime.

Mick, Ang and Chris outside
Mick Hart Training Systems.

I am and have been for many years the UK's top steroid expert, some say one of the world's top experts, who knows? Maybe. I am a rebel, I publish a rebel mag that offends the powers that be in this game (if they get offended by the truth then screw them), so I don't enjoy the huge publicity of other steroid gurus, and frankly my friend I don't give a rat's arse.

Here's a little more detailed information about me so you can see that I do actually know what I am talking about here:

  • I am a fully qualified BAWLA Olympic grade A Coaching Instructor and have been in professional bodybuilding now for about 25 years in which time I have become one of the leading authorities in the sport.

  • Writer of two best sellers on the subject of steroids, the "Layman's Guides to Steroids I and II"

  • I also founded, own, design, print and publish the monthly hardcore bodybuilding and steroid magazine - the "NO BULL COLLECTION" which is fast becoming the top cult steroid read in the world, due to it's "open, honest, independent and brilliantly written steroid information". (Side note - if you want to see some free samples of the No Bull Collection then send a blank email to nobullcollection@getresponse.com)


  • In bodybuilding, not only have I competed at a high level myself, but I have coached and trained no less than 80 first places, 70 seconds and more than 20 thirds in the last four years alone -- many at the highest levels too! I have also trained MANY champions (some of whom sadly do not admit it -- but that's the very often hypocritical nature of the bodybuilding world).

  • As for steroid knowledge, cycling and safety methods, many of the worldís TOP proís have sought my advice, and still do on a daily basis, and not only bodybuilders, the list includes Olympic athletes and many other pro athletes from many sports.

  • I am the leading bodybuilding and anabolic steroid Advisor to the British media including the BBC and ITV (the two principal British TV channels) and have appeared many times now on TV and Radio in the UK.

  • I have also written for all of the leading bodybuilding magazines MuscleMag etc, and many other very famous globally distributed magazines such as FHM, Later, Men's Health etc. 

  • And have designed AND built 479 gyms and clubs all over the UK which include Scotland Yard, Houses of Parliament, No. 10 Downing Street, Oil companies, Shell, Texaco, Philips Petroleum etc etc.

So now we have established I know what I am talking about, letís take a look inside the Chris Report.

Hereís what "The Chris Report" contains

This is what you'll find in the report...

  • The workout routines for the full 12 months, which shows you the exercises, body parts, frequency, etc. that Chris followed throughout the whole year. Many people who see Chris think he must have spent 4 hours a day in the gym. Well the truth will surprise you.

  • The meal plans complete with actual meals. You must eat correctly or you wonít grow. You should know that by now. Here I will give you the thinking behind the meals as well as the changes made to transform his body from the bulking phase to the cutting phase. Without the correct nutrition you can never achieve lean mass.

  • A list of the supplements that we used. Most supplements are worthless, but you need to know which ones to take. I list Chrisís exact supplement use so that you know exactly which to buy for yourself. (Note that this information alone could save you a fortune in the next 12 months by showing you only those supplements you need to be using).

  • The actual steroid cycles Chris used. This includes the actual steroids, the doses, the timeframes, for each stage of his years plan Ė bulking, cutting etc. The doses are low and intelligent. No chances were ever taken.

A "Guided Tour" of The Chris Report

Now let's take a "guided tour" through the different sections of the report, so that you get a crystal clear picture of what you are going to get...

The first 6 months:

This first section contains...

  • Chris first few month's basic (yet extremely effective) mass building phase, which produced astonishing gains, completely detailed into exercise and reps.

  • The training change from 3 to 6 months. During the first 6 months we changed the routine from a 3 day system with 4 days off, to a 3 days on and only 1 day off. Although the day off wasn't exactly a day off! In the report you'll see what we did to keep his metabolism high. Once again everything is detailed into each exercise and number of reps.

  • Diet for the first 6 months. Includes typical days meals, number of meals and times taken plus details of which supplements we incorporated into the diet.

  • First 6 month steroid cycle. Most think that Chris's gains were the result of some fantastic new steroid cycle I concocted simply because he is my son, but they are so wrong. This makes this report all the more satisfying for me to write. I want you to note that although gear was used during this contest training phase and obviously it helped, the main thing to absorb is that with a small amount of intelligent gear use and a massive input of sheer determination and self-belief, wonders can be achieved -- indeed they were. I didn't want my son to succeed purely on the basis of how much gear he dare take. The 2 simple low dose mass cycles we used in the first part of the year added a lot of lean mass. In fact when you see the cycles you'll be surprised by the amounts!

The next phase:

  • In the second 6 months we upped the stakes a little, and decided to test his bodies acceptance to a different steroid cycle. I'll show you the drugs we used and explain why. I'll also detail the exact cycles and amounts, and explain how we combated the danger of "bitch tits".

  • How we prepared for the run up to the show, which I had estimated would need about 3 months. If you already have some mass you can use the exact same 3 month plan to define -- it will leave you muscled and cut believe me! In fact Chris's bodyfat started to reduce so quickly that I had to put the brakes on him so he didn't peak too early.

Pre-Competition training:

  • This is the full 6 weeks before the show. Chris's bodyweight had gone up to 196 lbs and I figured he would look his best at nearer 175 lbs. We had to get rid of 20lbs in 6 weeks without losing any muscle, so I prepared a 6 week plan that would make sure everything was hit and with balance.

  • Here you will also see the "Fine Tuning" training system, which was only to be done for 6 weeks -- if he could hold out.

  • Special note here. At this point (during the last few weeks) I decided to add a little growth hormone and I stress the word little. I'll explain in this section of the report, the dose and the reasoning, (and how most people are dead wrong about how much GH you need to use).

  • Also you see the full 6 week competition run up steroid cycle. Extremely simple, and deadly powerful AND low doses! I must also say that NO diuretics were ever used.

Show day:

I remember Chris panicking on show day, when he thought he would have too much fat around the waist. But I knew better, with my knowledge of how to use salt to "get rid" of the water retention the show day results were awesome. When he stripped in the mirror he looked fabulous, ripped and striated, with his skin so thin you could almost see through it. I was nearly in tears when I saw him looking so good, his mum was in tears.

The show itself was an incredible day to remember. Did Chris win? I'll tell you in the report.

Comments from Chris:

I have also added a section written entirely by Chris in which he gives his comments on training in general and his development as a bodybuilder. It's a great read, quite inspirational and shows good maturity for a young man.

Making the system work for you:

In the final section I go into detail about how you can make the whole system work for you. It's not really difficult to tweak the plan for yourself, many people will already know enough to be able to do it right away.

Some however may need some help. Let me talk more about this below...

Let me talk more about making it all work for you

In order to make the system work for you, you will need to study the format of how Chris worked the system then and see just how closely you can work your training and lifestyle to that.

I have made comments in the final section of the report which will enable many people to easily make the amendments to the diet, routines and cycles etc. to suit them. Thus creating a personalised version of the whole training plan, which they can then follow and enjoy the huge gains.

"The Chris Report" is a very personal thing for me, for obvious reasons, and I want anyone who follows it to really get the most from it.

For this reason and as an extra service to you when you get your report I'm going to give you the opportunity to call me for a personal consultation. In this phone call (with no time limits) we can go through the changes you need to make to the system, in order to make it work for you.

If you're pretty "training savvy" already, then you probably won't need this, but I know some people will.

For example you may wish to clarify the "weeks and days" for the training routine. The routines are noted "week 1 day 1" etc. and are pretty self explanatory, however I don't know how many training routines you have followed and how familiar you are with such. If you're not familiar with such terminology then it can get quite confusing and a simple phone call can easily clear it up for you.

What you won't find in "The Chris Report"

It's important now that I tell you a few things that "The Chris Report" is NOT.

Firstly it's not a long read, if you want lots of steroid reading then you should subscribe to "The No Bull Collection", my hardcore bodybuilding and steroid mag. That's steroid reading, the Chris Report is simply a training plan to follow.

Neither is the Chris Report a complete guide to steroid use. If thatís what youíre looking for then you should take a look at my two best selling steroid books "The Laymanís Guides to Steroids".

"The Chris Report" is only 75 pages long including the photos, and in fact it can be read in just a few hours (and that's at bodybuilders reading speed)

So please if you want a huge "Encyclopaedia" that will tell you everything about steroids then donít buy this.

In fact I would go as far as to say that you will get much more out of this report if you first know the basics of training, nutrition and steroid use.

My books, "The Laymanís Guides to Steroids" are a great starting point, and you ought to have that level of knowledge before you start with this report. You donít NEED it, but I would recommend it.

Basically "The Chris Report" is a training guide that tells you what Chris did, and shows you how to adapt it for yourself. Nothing more, but for many people it is the TRUE missing piece of the jigsaw.

Do I need "The Chris Report" if I already have a training plan?

You may already have a training plan for the next 12 months, and hey, it may even be a good one. The problem is most are useless, because the person who wrote it generally doesn't know what he's doing (although he or she may like to think so).

So what I am going to do is give you a few questions to ask yourself about the person who wrote your training plan, this will help you decide if the plan you are following is any good. If it is then maybe "The Chris Report" is not for you.

Here goes...

One: Who wrote the advice? Do they know what they are doing and can they prove what they claim to know?

Two: Have they trained people before successfully? Just being big is NO sign that they know what they are doing. Believe me, any fool can get big and fat -- and many do!

Three: Are they a documented expert or some "unknown" on a free board on the 'Net? I love the Internet, but there is one big problem with it, especially when you are talking about bodybuilding and steroid use. There are too many websites which offer steroid advice that is downright dangerous. Do not follow advice from ANYONE who cannot document their knowledge. You are playing with your health if you do, and bodybuilding is just not worth that risk!

Four: Have they spent a long time in bodybuilding? Have they worked with athletes at all levels? And please understand when you want to achieve what Chris has you are talking abut becoming an athlete.

Five: Do they practice what they preach? Do they lift? Have they taken gear? Theory is no good unless it's mixed with experience.

Six: Are they advocates of low steroid doses and do they put the greatest importance on personal safety? This must be paramount. It terrifies me when I see some of the steroid cycles prepared for people, even newcomers on their first cycles. Many times you can half the amounts and achieve much more (if you know how).

Now obviously it goes without saying that "The Chris Report" meets these 6 criteria, because I wrote it :-)

But don't take my word for it.
See what other people say...

Don't just blindly take my word for it, you can go to either of these web pages and see detailed testimonials from people which testify my knowledge on the topic of training and steroids...

Check out any one of these sites to see real life feedback from people about my work.

How much does the Chris Report cost?

Firstly, how much is "The Chris Report" worth? Well let's calculate what I would charge you if I was to actually make a personalized plan for you -- which is exactly what I did for Chris.

Firstly before I started I would demand certain things from you before I made you a training plan, and I going to do the same with you before you buy "The Chris Report"...

  1. You must be serious. Because I won't coach just anyone. I don't like to waste time, that's why I only bet on winners. If someone has the desire I have the "know how". So if you're a "tyre kicker" please fuck off now. I wouldn't waste my time coaching you and I don't want you to buy this report. Your money is not important to me at all. You must have a burning desire to achieve your goals, then I will give you the tools to do it.

  2. Okay you still with me? Good, second point. If you're serious I will oblige you to make certain promises. You will stick with what I say. You will not say "Hey Mick this twat at the gym said these doses are not big enough to grow", or any other such crap. Because I won't train anyone who doesn't listen to me and me only. So if you're gonna buy this report and then show it a bunch of fat water carriers, who claim to be steroid know-alls, and ask for their opinions, then please fuck off. I don't want you to buy "The Chris Report".

  3. Still with me again. Excellent. Now, if I did this for you personally, I would charge you a minimum of 70 English pounds an hour ($100 US Dollars) and the whole inital thing will take about an afternoon to make you a meal plan, a training program and a starting cycle. So that's some 4 hours at $100 = $400. Then I would do the same at certain intervals throughout the year. Each time revising your food, cycles and training program.

In this report I have done the above 3 times. So, if I was to charge Chris for this, it would have been at least $1200. Which in my opinion is damned cheap, and let me prove it...

If I said to you, do you want to look like Chris in 1 year, it will cost you $1200 and I guarantee the results would you pay it?

Absolutely. After all it's only $100 a month, and some gym fees are $50 a month, so it's damned cheap.

Now then, because I can't personally offer this above "hands on" service to you, the best I can do is give you Chris's blueprint for much less than $1200. (And the opportunity of the phone call I mentioned above -- more on that later.)

Want to know what you will look like 1 year from now....?
The answer depends on your training plan and your commitment

In summary, here's what you get

So let's review what you get... In ebook format you will get instant access to "The Chris Report" which details the exact step by step plan that I made for my son Chris which took him from zero to a British Championship Qualifier in less than 1 year.

It contains the food plan, the cycles and the training routines. If you start it and follow it without listening to any prick along the way then you WILL achieve some very serious results.

If you match the time effort and commitment of Chris (not easy by the way, he worked his ass off) then, genetics permitting, you can be looking like Chris 1 short year from now.

The price I had originally put on "The Chris Report" was $195 which included a "no time limit" telephone consultation with me. An excellent price, I'm sure you'll agree

Personally I think many people who order the "The Chris Report" could do to speak with me by phone in order to accurately personalize the training plan. That's why I had originally included a phone call with me in the price.

BUT, after having consulted the issue with my web team and a few people who have already started to follow the same plan, I realise that many people do have enough basic knowledge to make the simple adjustments to diet etc. and run with it.

Therefore as some of you may not need the phone call, I am not going to charge the call together with the report. I have decided to offer it as an option only -- you'll get all the details of how to order a consultation call in a follow up email after you have bought the Chris Report. (This way only when you have had a look at the report do you need to decide if you wish to speak to me by phone to clarify anything.)

I'm therefore going to deduct the cost of the phone call...

... So the official price for "The Chris Report" is $97, but because I want you to take action now I am going to make you a special offer.

Take action now and benefit from our test promotion

The biggest enemy of any success is procrastination. So I want to reward anyone who takes action right away, because I know this is the first step to your success.

Together with my web team, I have decided that for a limited time I will offer "The Chris Report" with a $50 discount. I am going to test to see if by more than halving the price I sell twice as much. I guess you can call it a test promotion.

So, for immediate order you can have "The Chris Report" for the very low price of just $97 $47

How long will this promotion last?

I will end this promotion, without notice, if I see that I am not selling twice as much by halving the price. Also I will end this promotion as and when the phone consultations simply give me too much work to handle.

When the latter happens then not only will I put the price back up to $97, but I will continue to increase the price until I find the balance that doesn't overwhelm me with work.

Right now though at just $97 $47 you will NEVER have the opportunity to get "The Chris Report" cheaper. If you want it do not wait, ordering it now is the only way you can be sure to get it for just $97 $47

At this price it is a complete gift. It's incredibly cheap, all you have to do is look at the pics of Chris to realise it works, and you get the complete system for what works out to be less than $1 a week.

This is stupid of me, but I am going to
guarantee your purchase as well

People have called me foolish to offer "The Chris Report" for under $50, some have even commented that I should be asking MUCH more for it. My own web team have told me that I am even going to damage my own personal consultation business by offering it for such a low price.

Yet even so, I am going to take it one step further. I am going to give you a no questions asked money back guarantee as well.

To be honest it will surprise me if anyone wants their money back. I find it hard to believe that you will not be totally astounded with the results you achieve by simply following the plan.

But because I don't want you to feel as though you are taking any risk, I will remove all the risk for you by giving you a guarantee.

Order your copy with confidence, and if you then feel it's been a mistake, then just email me and let me know, and I will promptly return all of your money. The only condition is you must let me know within 8 weeks (this is a rule of the credit card handling company not me).

Fair deal? I think so...

...But please, don't email me and say:

"Mick, it's only 75 pages" -- I know, because I have already mentioned that fact above.

"Mick I thought it was going to be something different" -- It's called "The Chris Report" and has Chris's training plan for the year in question, so don't expect it to be anything different. It's not an "A to Z" on steroid use, it's not a list of suppliers, it is a training plan.

"Mick the steroid doses are low, and a big guy at the gym says I won't grow using those small amounts" -- The plan works, look at what happened to Chris, zero to British Championship qualifier in 1 year. More is not better with steroids, neither for your health, your gains, or your pocket.

"Mick I thought it would cover much more about training and steroid use in general" -- No it doesn't it's simply a training plan. The step by step plan I prepared for Chris with a guide on how to personalise it for yourself.

The guarantee simply means...

So what does this guarantee mean? It means you have no risk, and you don't have to decide you want to keep it until you have first seen it. Therefore you can order it now to get your very low price and not have to worry because the purchase is 100% guaranteed.

I cannot be any fairer than that now can I?

Instant Access

Because we deliver the Chris Report digitally, (you download it) you will have instant access to it as soon as you complete the simple payment process. The whole thing is automated so you can be reading it literally minutes from now.

I suggest you print the "ebook" out once you get it, then you have on paper the training routines etc. It makes for easier reference like that.

"The Chris Report"
Here's how to order right now!

To get your copy of "The Chris Report", which I truly believe may be the most powerful training information you may ever have the chance to own, simply click on the order link below and follow the simple instructions before being taken to the secure payment page and download page.

Your payment is handled by Clickbank who are one of the Internet's leading payment handlers. This means that at all times your information is encrypted, and 100% safe and secure.

Click here and get your copy of "The Chris Report" NOW

Thanks for having decided to purchase "The Chris Report", may you gain all the lean mass you desire and deserve.

Train Hard,

Mick Hart.
Founder of The No Bull Collection and
Mick Hart Training Systems Ltd.

"This report will give you a plan to follow that guarantees success,
if you match Chris's dedication and devotion" - Mick Hart

P.S. If you're still undecided as to whether or not to order a copy, let me make a few comments that will help you decide one way or the other...

I don't know what your game plan is for the next 12 months. There is however one thing that I can say with complete certainty. In all my life in this game I have never seen anyone achieve any notable gains who didn't follow a plan.

So if you do want to make sure that in the next 12 months you achieve something of note with your body then you must have a training plan. And you must make sure that it works.

I don't know where you will get one, there are lots of places online that will give you some free advice. If you chose that then you may or may not have results to show in the next 12 months.

Whichever plan you choose you will NEVER have the next 12 months again. Wouldn't it therefore be intelligent to simply follow a proven plan written by one of the worlds leading steroid experts for his own son - which took him from zero to British Championship qualifier in a year... when you can have it for just $97 $47 and fully guaranteed?

Makes sense no? I mean why even bother fucking around looking for an alternative when you can have a proven 12 month game plan for less then $4 a month Ė- less then $1 a week?

Put this into perspective, how much are your gym fees? For an extra $1 a week you get "The Chris Report"" which makes sure you donít waste your gym fees following a shit program.

Click here and get your copy of "The Chris Report" NOW


Questions you may have

If you're already decided then go ahead and download your copy then click on the order link above, and in just a few minutes you'll have it on your screen, ready to print out and follow.

Here I just want to quickly cover a few of the questions that I have already received about "The Chris Report" because I feel that they may also be things you have on your mind right now.

Question #1: I have already bought the Layman's Guides, do I need "The Chris Report" also, or can I make a training plan from the information in the Guides?

Answer #1: There is more than enough knowledge in the Layman's Guides to be able to make yourself a successful training plan. Therefore the answer to your question is "no" you do not NEED the Chris Report.

It's another thing completely though if you WANT it. Like many people you may simply prefer to pay the $97 $47 to get a proven training plan without having to work it all out for yourself.

If I were in your shoes and didn't have a proven training plan, I personally would prefer just to pay $97 $47 to get a proven one, but that's only my opinion.


Question #2: What results can I really expect, can I look like Chris?

Answer #2: In bodybuilding there are many factors that make the end result. Genetics, dedication, drive and determination are the most important. And I cannot give you those. After that it's a question of the training plan you follow, which encompasses nutrition, routines, rest, supplements and steroids. The better the plan you follow the better the results. The Chris Report is the plan! And it works. The rest is down to you.


Question #3: If I don't get the results will you give me my money back?

Answer #3: My friend, you have lost the game already. It all starts with belief. And you MUST believe you can achieve your goal. With the attitude you show in the question you have clearly failed before you even begin. Start to believe, follow the plan, don't get distracted and you will achieve great things. Will I give you your money back? Of course I will, that's why I have a guarantee, although personally mate with that mindset it's a waste of time you even trying!


Question #4: Will the system work for me?

Answer #4: I did nothing with Chris that is not detailed in this report. But you do need to match his belief, desire and determination to achieve what he did. If you don't have any of those then frankly you simply do not deserve to have a great physique.


Question #5: Was it the steroids that were the main reason for Chris's transformation?

Answer #5: No. He ate on time, never missed a meal, he trained very hard and never missed a workout, and yes he did use a small amount of gear. No more than necessary. All of those factors help. But the biggest factors were his single minded drive to achieve his goal and his self belief.


Question #6: Is Chris now hooked on steroids? I have read they are addictive, and if you have to keep taking steroids to maintain that look then it's no use.

Answer #6: Excellent question. There are lots of misconceptions about steroid addictiveness. Simply put, steroids are NOT addictive. Sometimes people get addicted to working out because it makes them feel good. Why the media criticise this is beyond me. Much worse is an addiction to simple tobacco, yet no one bothers about that. As long as your working out isn't harming anyone then the press should leave bodybuilders alone.

Back to your question. No Chris is not addicted to steroids, in fact since this training period he has not touched steroids again. Maybe he will again in the future, but that's his decision and not mine. I will be there to help, guide and offer advice whatever he decides to do.


Question #7: Did Chris do any training before he started this program?

Answer #7: Yes, he had done some basic "hit and miss" training, mainly interrupted by beer and girls. Nothing big, but it did mean his body could pick up a weight, although not heavily trained in any way whatsoever. He was at the stage where many people are when they have been training a few months. I must point out that Chris knew how to lift, in fact he had taken his lifting and weight training instructor exam and passed. So he was NOT without any knowledge, but not of preparing cycles, and getting ready for a competition. That knowledge came from me.


Question #8: I am going to order the ebook, but do I still need to order the telephone call/consultation with you as well?

Answer #8: Here's why you may need the telephone call.

1. To clarify the "weeks and days" for the training routine. The routines are noted "week 1 day 1" etc. and are pretty self explanatory, however I don't know how many training routines you have followed and how familiar you are with such. If you're not familiar with such terminology then it can get quite confusing and a simple phone call can easily clear it up for you.

With my comments about diet, training and cycles many people will be able to tweak the plan to suit themselves. But others may still want a telephone call to be able to do this.


Question #9: You say that you recommend I read your "Layman's Guides to Steroids" before I get this report. Aren't you simply trying to get me to spend another $29?

Answer #9: No. It's true I do say that, but if you read what I say my friend, I also actually say that there is enough knowledge in the "Guides" that you may not even need to buy "The Chris Report". And the Guides are in fact cheaper than this report.

If you knew me at all you'd know that money is not my main goal. If it were I would have sold out on the "No Bull" years ago and gone down the mainstream, politically correct, supplement pushing, and VERY profitable avenue which all the other mags have gone down. But I didn't and I won't.

If I give you advice it's because I believe it to be the best advice for you. Not for my pocket.


Question #10: What about if I don't use steroids, can I still benefit from the report?

Answer #10: Absolutely. Without ever using steroids I could make some extremely serious changes in your physique. Steroids are not THE answer. They are the "icing on the cake", the edge that will move you on when you would otherwise plateau. Without doubt they will help, but with or without them you need a proven training plan, and that's exactly what "The Chris Report" is.


Click here and get your copy of "The Chris Report" NOW


"... because when you stand in front of that mirror and hit side chest, POW! And people turn their heads. I don't think there's any better feeling of self satisfaction."
Chris Hart

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